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What is the Typical Cost of a Metal Roof in Saratoga Springs?

Jul 14, 2022 | Blog, Metal Roofing, Roof Costs, Saratoga Springs

Metal roofs are becoming a very popular choice among Saratoga Springs residents who need a new roof. Metal is durable and attractive with a long lifespan which makes it an attractive option. If you’re thinking of installing a new metal roof you’re probably wondering what it’s going to cost. 

Average Cost to Install a Metal Roof in Saratoga Springs

The average cost to install a new metal roof on a home in Saratoga Springs is between $7,500 to $39,500. This typically comes out to around $7.30 to $11.40 per square foot. 

How Roof Size Impacts Installation Cost

The size of your roof will be the biggest determining factor in the cost of your new metal roof in Saratoga Springs. While the exact size of your roof will require precise measurements and calculations you can find the general size of your roof by determining the square footage of the footprint of your home. This can be done by taking measurements of your home’s perimeter and calculating the surface area using those measurements. 

  • 1000 square foot roof: $7,300 to $11,400 
  • 1500 square foot roof: $11,000 to $17,100
  • 2000 square foot roof: $14,600 to $22,800
  • 2500 square foot roof: $18,300 to $28,500
  • 3000 square foot roof: $21,900 to $34,200
  • 3500 square foot roof: $25,600 to $39,900

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Metal Roof Types

The type of roof you choose for your home can also greatly impact the cost of your roof installation. Kornerstone Roofing specializes in two styles of roof panels for Saratoga Springs residents. 

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal roofs are what many people think of when they think of a metal roof. Durable, stable, and modern, corrugated metal roofs can fit in with many home styles and are a more affordable option for metal roofs. Because the panels are pre-fabricated they’re readily available and easy to work with. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofs give superior longevity and durability to your metal roof. They are available in several different styles including snap-lock, mechanical lock, and batten panel, but all styles have the same thing in common – the fasteners are concealed. Because of this, the seams of the roof are more durable and waterproof.  

Metal Roof Advantages in Saratoga Springs

Metal roofs come with some exceptional benefits for homeowners in Saratoga Springs that make them worth their cost. 


The durability of a metal roof for the price point at which they’re available is virtually unsurpassed. Metal roofs can withstand almost any weather condition, even the most extreme, making them an excellent choice for any homeowner.

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Adding to their cost-effectiveness is the longevity of a metal roof. While you’ll pay a bit more upfront than you would for a standard, asphalt shingle roof your new metal roof will last for years, even decades, longer. 


Metal roofs are a relatively eco-friendly option. Most metal roofs are recyclable, so they create far less waste than other roofing materials. 

Energy Efficient

Metal can reflect the UV rays of the sun making them more energy efficient. This will help save not only on short-term heating and cooling costs, but long-term wear and tear costs for your HVAC system.  

Are you considering a new metal roof for your home in Saratoga Springs? Call the recommended roofing company out of Saratoga Springs today, to schedule a free estimate and choose the best option for your home!